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Umrah Package From Delhi: A Step-by-Step Guide for Your Spiritual Journey to Makkah and Back

Umrah Package From Delhi: A Step-by-Step Guide for Your Spiritual Journey to Makkah and Back

The Umrah Package from Delhi involves careful planning. The journey from Delhi to Makkah for Umrah involves several steps. Here's an overview:


Decide on the dates for your Umrah journey and make necessary arrangements.

Ensure you have a valid passport and necessary travel documents.

Booking Flights:

Reserve flights from Delhi to Jeddah, the nearest airport to Makkah.

Consider airlines that offer convenient schedules and suitable services.

Visa Application:

Apply for a Saudi Arabian Umrah visa through the official channels.

Provide all required documents, including a valid passport, passport-size photos, and the visa application form.

Health Requirements:

Check and fulfill any health requirements or vaccinations necessary for travel to Saudi Arabia.

Ihram Preparation:

Pack your Ihram attire and essentials.

Men should ensure they have two seamless white sheets, and women should have modest clothing ( Hijab).

Travel to Delhi Airport:

Arrive at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi on the day of your flight.

Flight to Jeddah:

Board your flight from Delhi to Jeddah.

Be mindful of Ihram rules during the flight, such as avoiding certain behaviors.

Arrival in Jeddah:

Upon landing in Jeddah, clear immigration and customs.

Proceed to Makkah either by road, depending on your travel package.

Accommodation in Makkah:

Check into your accommodation in Makkah.

Perform Umrah rituals, including Tawaf and Sa'i, as outlined in the previous response.

Stay in Makkah:

Spend the intended days in Makkah, performing additional prayers and seeking spiritual growth.

Travel to Medina (Optional):

Some pilgrims choose to visit Medina, another sacred city, during their journey.

Return Journey:

Head back to Jeddah for the return flight to Delhi.

Complete the return journey with gratitude and reflection on the spiritual experience.

Always check for the latest travel guidelines, visa requirements, and any updates from relevant authorities to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

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